Please call toll free 1-877-715-0422. Or locate a local branch near you.

I would like to start off by saying my credit score is not the best and that did not change the way of thought by my loan officer with this company, she was very kind and explained to me what was going on every step of the way. American Equity Mortgage is a company that I would recomend to any of my friends and even family for any future mortgage needs. I never had any surprises nor was I ever left wondering. Take my advise, at least give them a call, it can't hurt if you and your family are in trouble like I was.

Good luck!!!!

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First you provide the toll free number and then you tell us what a good experience you had. Gee.....

Nothing fishy there!

Be willing to bet your employed by AMEC.


Paid $400 for an appraisal and got the run around. Poor customer service and lackadaisical attitude.

Didn't even try to work something out and I have good credit.

Requested a copy of the appraisal and never heard from them again. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!


2 agents promised to call me back and neither did. If they lie about that after makeing an appointment time to call, how can I trust them.

I have decided not to refinance. I think they are selling a name list.


If you want customer service stay away from this company. I had to call two or three times to get any one to return my calls.

After a month of being lied to, And catching them in another lie I told them to forget it. They can't be trusted. I do not need a loan from any one that bad. Always had reasons for not returning calls.

Even after paying for the appraisal I would not let this company earn one more cent from me.

There are to many reputable places to get mortgages to deal with this ***. BEWARE


we were told by this company they could get us financing and after weeks of jumping through hoops to get them what they asked for and even paying for apraisal was still left hanging, fineally getting denied and never told why


Do not go to AEM in Missouri. Fees and etc add up to make APR way to high, Make you buy points when it shouldnt be needed. Misinformation propaganda


The review above is obviously by a company employee. this company is actually bad news....

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