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David Schissler out of the Bloomington Mn. office is amazing! I would recommend him to my family and friends. We had tough credit scores when reaching out to David. While he was working on getting us pre approved he advised us to get a credit card to show revolving credit. We did as advised and still got pre approved wth our lower credit through fha. David is very knowledgable and he was... Read more

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very bad experience with this. it is better to go somewhere else then AEM. I waste my appraisal fee and almost 2 month time. before we started the loan, lender called me forced me that time, they are totally diffrent in behaviour but once i spent my money and time. they are totaly different person.I told then before i start my loan about our income and every situation, but they gave me very hard... Read more

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I worked with American Equity Mortgage and after 2 months of gathering paperwork, paying for an appraisal, and then waiting to hear back for over 3 weeks, I can only tell you I am so disappointed. I emailed our broker 3-4 times over the last 3 weeks, left 3 or 4 voice mails and then finally said in my last email that I was going to let people know of my experience, he finally called me. His... Read more

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I refinanced my house using American Equity Mortgage. This process took about 2 months. I talked with the person handling my refinance a number of times. I did not start the process until I was told exactly what the refinance would do: 1. my mortgage payment would go down $100 2. I would receive $2000 3. I would not be required to make the first payment for 2 months. I repeated those... Read more

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Scammed me out of $510.00 for an appraisal. Which they said they would charge my debit card $375 not the $510. In the end they would not give us a loan. Refusing to reimburse us the money for the appraisal. Add comment

Basically, the conversation about closing cost for $253.73 ended up costing me $4,447.04. I signed off with American Equity for $86,795.44. My interest rate went from 6.5% to 4.250%, so I was feeling good about my refinance. The amount I thought I was refinancing did not turn out to be the final amount. The final amount was $89,815.00 I don't feel good now. The loan was quickly sold to another... Read more

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Ryan in Bloomington was our guy. He was a fast talking, ungenuine, but understandable man. He sat for hours with us reiterating the same thingsa and try to explain that no one could get us a lower interest rate without paying their crazy amounts for points or waiting until the end when you are approved and then he claimed they would try to renegotiate a better rate for us - ya right. Long story... Read more

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AEM is worst than u can image. They sold our high interest loan to some forgiener investors such as SPS and they need to be wipe out by another oh we better not say. Time will come to white collar gimmicks n squeeze their blood out for good. Add comment

Charged 600 dollars for an fha appraisal. I had just had an fha appraisal done 8 months prior that cost 150. Talked to Cynthia last Thursday and she said she would call me back the very next day. It is now a week later and I have called a and left messages with no return call. I would recommend finding an operation that's not going to rip you off. I'm sure I have lost the 600 dollars for this so... Read more

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Tried to get an equity loan, my home didn't appraise high enough to do the loan THEY said. Can't get a copy of appraise I paid for. Would really like to at least see it. Not a happy customer. Would not recommend them at all. Cecil Price Add comment

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